Welcome to our Scaffold Erector online course. This brief introduction provides an overview of the
essential knowledge, skills, and understanding of the hazards, risks, and precautionary measures
when erecting a scaffold. Join us as we explore these critical aspects of creating a culture of health
and safety at a workplace.



This Scaffold Erector online course has been developed specifically for employees who have to
erect, use, and dismantle access scaffolding. Erecting a scaffold may seem to be a simple and easy
task, but if we do not understand the legal requirements of scaffolding, severe incidents may happen
with dire consequences for both erector and employer. Most of the time, employees do not receive
the proper training in the erection, use and dismantling of a scaffold. This Scaffold Erector online
course will give everyone a better understanding of the risks and hazards attached to the erection,
use and dismantling of a scaffold; the different types of scaffolding as well as protective equipment;
the correct use and maintenance of the equipment; and the correct procedure to follow when
erecting, or dismantling a scaffold.

Throughout this Scaffold Erector online course, you will learn the about:

1. Applicable legislation for scaffolding: This will include understanding the OHS Act; the
applicable Regulations in the Construction Regulations 2014; the SANS 10085 requirements;
2. Requirements for scaffolding: This will include the different types of scaffolds; access
scaffolding platforms; ties; bracing; etc.
3. The resources for erecting a scaffold: This will include how to select the correct scaffold
for the work to be done; the safety equipment relating to scaffolding; different types of
scaffolding equipment; etc.
4. Erect access scaffolding: This will include identifying hazards and risks; requirements for
erecting access scaffolding; design requirements and height restrictions; safety precautions;
5. Dismantling of scaffolding and use of ladders: This will include the hazards and risks
related to dismantling; dismantling; proper use of ladders; etc.

By the end of this Scaffold Erector online course, you will have a better knowledge, skill and
understanding of the risks involved when erecting or dismantling a scaffold as well as how to protect
yourself and other when erecting or dismantling a scaffold.


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