Welcome to our Incident Investigation online course.  This brief introduction provides an overview of the essential knowledge and understanding of the importance of investigation of incidents at a workplace. Join us as we explore these critical aspects of creating a culture of health and safety at a workplace.



This Incident Investigation online course has been developed specifically for employers, employees appointed by the employer, health and safety representatives, and health and safety committee members who must investigate incidents that took place at their workplace.  We all understand that an incident can happen suddenly and without prior warning.  It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure working environment that is safe and free form risks to the health of employees.  This Incident Investigation online course will give a better understanding of the risk and hazards attached to a workplace; how to report any incident; steps to investigate the incident; and implementing and monitoring of precautionary measures.


Throughout this Incident Investigation online course, you will learn the about:

  1. The requirements for the investigation of workplace health, safety, and environmental incidents: This will include the legal requirements for reporting and investigating of workplace incidents; the procedures to follow in the event of an incident; consequences for not complying to the procedures; etc.
  2. Gathering of information needed for the investigation: This will include the purpose, type, and extent of information required; resources required to conduct an investigation; gathering of accurate and relevant information; etc.
  3. Conducting of an investigation: This will include documents to be used; steps to conduct the investigation; principles of investigation; etc.
  4. Post-investigation activities: This will include the completion and submission of reports; feedback; follow up procedures; etc.


By the end of this Incident Investigation online course, you will have the skills, a better knowledge, and understanding of conducting an investigation of a workplace incident.  There will also be a practical assignment to be completed before you can be declared competent.



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