Welcome to our Fall Protection Plan Developer online course.  This brief introduction provides an overview of the essential knowledge and understanding of the importance, competency and content of a fall protection plan in order to protect all workers working on a fall risk position.  Join us as we explore these critical aspects of creating a culture of health and safety at a construction site.



This Fall Protection Plan developer online course has been developed specifically for employees appointed as a fall protection plan developer as well as all safety practitioners and employers in the construction industry.  Working on a fall risk position (or working on heights as it is commonly known) is an activity that always will be seen on any construction site.  It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that all workers are working in a safe environment.  This Fall Protection Plan Developer online course will give a better understanding of the risk and hazards attached to a fall risk position; what precautionary measures to implement; how to monitor and review these measures; different recue equipment and techniques.  It will also give the skills required to develop and implement a fall protection plan on a construction site.

Throughout this Fall Protection Plan Developer online course, you will learn the about:

  1. The applicable legislation: This will include understanding the principles of the OHS Act as well as the definitions; the roles and responsibilities, and liabilities of the employer, employees, and mandataries. It will also include the Construction Regulations applicable on fall protection.
  2. Perform a risk assessment for work to be done on a fall risk position: This will include identifying different types of hazards and risks; controlling of these risks; developing of safe work procedures; content of a risk assessment; etc.
  3. Fall arrest rescue equipment and techniques: This will include fall protection procedures, and equipment; rescue equipment, techniques, and procedures; shock load; anchor load; fall factor; etc.
  4. Developing a fall protection plan: This will include all the steps in the developing of a fall protection plan; the maintenance and distribution of the plan; etc.
  5. Managing the safety of workers working on a fall risk position: This will include falling from a height; suspension trauma; recording and reporting; etc.

By the end of this Fall Protection Plan Developer online course, you will have the skills, a better knowledge, and understanding of the developing and implementing a fall protection plan for a construction site.  There will also be a practical assignment to be completed at the end of this course.  Without this assignment you cannot be declared competent yet.


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