Welcome to our Construction Regulations online course.  This brief introduction provides an overview of the essential knowledge and understanding of the Construction Regulations from the workers to the contractors, principal contractors, clients, safety officers and safety agents and how to implement these Regulations.  Join us as we explore these critical aspects of creating a culture of health and safety at a construction site.



This Construction Regulations online course has been developed specifically for employees, employers, and contractors in the construction industry.  This course will give anyone a better understanding of different roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders on a construction project.  It will also gives the skills to apply and implement these Regulations better and create through it a safer and healthier environment for everyone on the construction site.

Throughout this course, you will learn the about:

  1. The Occupational health and Safety Act: This will include understanding the principles of this Act as well as the definitions. It also includes the roles and responsibilities, and liabilities of the employer, employees, and mandataries.
  2. The Construction Regulations of 2014: Some of the topics that will be discussed are:
  3. The work permit and notification of a project: The criteria for a work permit and notification.
  4. Duties of the client, designer, principal contractor, and contractor: Understanding each specific role and responsibility.
  • Management and Supervision: Appointment, role, and liability of the construction manager as well as the construction supervisor.
  1. Risk assessment and fall protection: Who can write this and what must be legally in a risk assessment and fall protection plan. How to monitor, review and implement these.
  2. Different activities on a construction site: Such as excavations, demolitions, scaffolding, construction vehicles, cranes, etc. The different legal aspects in connection with all the activities and how to implement them.

By the end of this Construction Regulations online course, you will have a better knowledge and understanding of the construction regulation and of the implementation thereof.



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