What's New

Online Training

You can now experience our subjects from the comfort of your home in your own time, we are hard at work to have all our courses online so you do not need to miss work and still get the same qualifications as you would in a classroom. Enquire to find out which subjects is already online.

Remote Training

We offer training VIA zoom for anyone who wants to take our classes but cannot be in our class rooms. It is a convenient way to take our classes while you are at work or home but with the benefit of have a facilitator teaching you all you need to know. Enquire to find out which subjects can be done VIA Zoom.


We have a long lost of available subjects we are qualified to present. We can cater to construction, warehouses, farms, office buildings retail, hotels as well as restaurants. Our Facilitators are fully qualified and very eager to teach you and your staff about safety in any work environment. Enquire to find out which subjects are available.