Safety Approach

Safe-T-Con has developed a unique program by which the safety drive is focused on a “Bottom Up” approach.  Although statutory requirements remain compulsory it has been proved that by uplifting the workforce’s knowledge and skill levels, accidents and incidents are minimized, thereby achieving far greater returns on the actual investment.


Safe-T-Con’s vision is to supply cost effective, comprehensive, specialized safety training and development and to improve the knowledge of Employees to the benefit of the Employer.



To address all sectors of the South African market with the primary objective of supplying a value added, affordable training service by developing the skills of people to ensure:

  •     Compliance to the Occupational Heath and Safety Act
  •     The prevention of unnecessary workplace incidents; and
  •     Higher productivity



  •     Best business practices
  •     Integrity and honesty
  •     Professionalism
  •     Respect and transparency